Our Best Technology! DTM Co., LTD. is always striving for "Professional Standards and a User-friendly Feel," taking advantage of our motor development experience.
We earned a good reputation as a designer and a manufacturer of magnet analyzers, magnetizing yokes,
magnetizing coils, magnetizing power supplies, tesla meters/gauss meters, etc.
[A Professional Maker of Magnetizers・Magnetizm/Magnetic-flux Meters]
The world's smallest size!    VIDEOThe Ultra Superfine Magnetism Sensor Probe F-075
Width 0.6mm × Thick 0.28mm (The world's smallest size)
This is a magnetism sensor probe, which is perfect for the measurement of magnetism in a narrow gap or the inner circumference magnetic-flux in a small diameter, which were impossible to measure before.

The World's Smallest 3-axis Magnetism Sonsor Probe 3DP-1315 Width 1.3mm × Thick 1.5mm × Length 40mm
This captures magnetic-flux as close as possible! The world's smallest device which can measure the true value of magnetic-flux in three-axis directions (X, Y, and Z).
Introduction of the productsMOVIE
In 2011, we attended "The 8th Social Gathering for Business and Intellectual Property," by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
In 2008, we were invited by the parents' association of the Tokyo University of Science as a lecturer.
The subject of the speech was "The indomitable venture spirits in our once and precious life."
In 2007, we attended the PEAF2007 (in Yokohama) as a panelist.
We express our deepest sympathy for those who suffered damage from the Tohoku Earthquake. We will try our best to support them.
We participated in Techno-Frontier 2013.
Thank you very much for visiting our exhibition booth.
Magnet Analyzer MAD Series. Our magnet analyzers are used in the research and development of superconducting bearings technology for flywheel for energy storage by NEDO (the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization). We attended 'The 8th Social Gathering for Business and Intellectual Property,' by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Click HERE to read more. For the environment. Four Seasons in Ina, Nagano