We earned a good reputation as a designer and a manufacturer of magnet analyzers, magnetizing yokes,
magnetizing coils, magnetizing power supplies, tesla meters/gauss meters, etc.
[A Professional Maker of Magnetizers・Magnetizm/Magnetic-flux Meters]


◆Notice of abolition
The recent global shortage of semiconductor and electronic components has hampered the manufacture of our products.
We will discontinue production of some products in consideration of electronic components that will not arrive in the future.
Thank you for your understanding. To special page

We just started magnetization service:
Supporting even small rods for prototype evaluation, sample use, experimental use, etc. Need more magnetization equipment! We will resolve your concerns including delivery date before installing equipment. To special page
The Ultra Superfine Magnetism Sensor Probe FC-075世界最小サイズ:VIDEO
Width 0.6mm × Thick 0.28mm (The world's smallest size)
This is a magnetism sensor probe, which is perfect for the measurement of magnetism in a narrow gap or the inner circumference magnetic-flux in a small diameter, which were impossible to measure before.


TECHNO-FRONTIER 2019●We exhibited at TECHNO-FRONTIER 2019.
Thank you for visiting our booth.

◇ In 2016, our president served as a lecturer at the Inan 4 municipalities members study meeting.
In 2011, we attended "The 8th Social Gathering for Business and Intellectual Property," by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
In 2008, we were invited by the parents' association of the Tokyo University of Science as a lecturer.
The subject of the speech was "The indomitable venture spirits in our once and precious life."
In 2007, we attended the PEAF2007 (in Yokohama) as a panelist.


Magnetizing Yoke / Coil
Magnet Analyzer
Probes for TeslaMeter
Measurement Devices


経済産業省「第8回 ビジネスと知財のかたち懇親会」